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Signing Up

How do I sign up for SLGSafe?

You must fill out the 4144-5 form (application for SLGSafe® access) on behalf of your organization. Anyone who needs access to SLGSafe should fill out the 4144-6, User Acknowledgment. More information about SLGSafe and how to complete the forms is available on the SLGSafe Overview and Signup page.

As bond counsel (or financial advisor, underwriter, etc.) for the issuer, what TIN do I provide on the SLGSafe application?

When filling out a SLGSafe application (PD F 4144-5), you provide your organization's tax identification number (TIN). Your TIN is used as an identifier in our system to determine your role and access. Your TIN will not appear on any issues, unless you enter the information during the subscription process.

If I don't have SLGSafe access but need to get a subscription put in today, what can I do?

It usually takes about 3 days to process your application. If you need to lock in today's rates, we suggest you contact someone else involved in the deal that has SLGSafe access. Once your access is granted, you can make changes.

Where did the cancel button go in SLGSafe?

The previous version of the SLGS regulations allowed cancellation of a subscription if proper notice was received. Under regulations effective August 15, 2005, no cancellations are permitted.

Administrator Duties

What does the SLGSafe Administrator do?

On the 4144-5 form, you will assign an administrator and backup administrator. They are responsible for authorizing the SLGSafe users in your organization and being our point of contact. We'll e-mail the administrator any information regarding SLGSafe, and the administrator will forward this information to all users.


What reports are available to me in SLGSafe?

You can get a Statement of Account, Payment Report, Case Report, and Security report. Most of those reports are also downloadable.

User Manual (Help)

Where is the user manual that is mentioned in the regulations?

The user manual is found in SLGSafe by utilizing the HELP button that can be found on every screen. These questions, and our entire web site, are a valuable resource for information.