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The Bond Teller - Savings Bonds Resource Guide is Your Life Saver

The "Savings Bonds Resource Guide" can help you answer not only your own questions but your customers' questions as well. It contains a wealth of useful information about savings bond transactions. It covers buying, reissuing (re-registering), exchanging, and redeeming savings bonds. There's a chapter on EZ CLEAR that explains what to do with bonds after you redeem them. Quick reference guides provide step-by-step help on savings bond redemptions, assisting customers with reissues, and handling exchanges of E/EE bonds for Series H/HH bonds. Also included are rules on acceptable identification for savings bond transactions-that is, information on how to avoid losses due to paying savings bonds to the wrong person.

In addition, situations that might occur less frequently are covered, such as lost or stolen bonds, correcting errors, offering bond-a-month plans, and gift bonds. Have customers ever asked you about Federal income taxes and savings bond interest, putting bonds in a trust, or what to do with bonds after owners are dead? This information is in the Guide as well.

The looseleaf format of the guide makes it easy to update. You can make it even more useful by inserting your own tabs for the parts you look at most frequently.

Using the detailed instructions on filling out various forms, you can more easily help customers who request transactions that must be approved and processed by a Federal Reserve Office. If you don't have the "Savings Bonds Resource Guide," or if your copy is more than a few years old or severely tattered, contact your servicing Federal Reserve Office and ask for a copy.