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The Bond Teller - 24/7 - Savings Bonds Enters a New Area

With the arrival of the new TreasuryDirect system, savings bonds have entered a new era already familiar to the tens of millions of individuals who use online banking systems or who manage their portfolios online - the era of instant access.

For the first time, bond owners who open TreasuryDirect accounts can buy, redeem, and otherwise manage their paperless I bonds seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Better still, they can do so from any computer with internet access - whether at home or office, on business travel or vacation - simply by going to www.treasurydirect.gov and entering their user name and password.

TreasuryDirect incorporates the latest internet security technology both in authenticating users and in protecting account information. As a result, account holders can feel comfortable that their information is securely held by the Treasury Department as they enjoy convenience hitherto unknown to savings bonds owners.