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The Bond Teller - Series H/HH Change of Address and ACH Transactions to Move

Note:   This is historical only and should not be used as current information.

When paper savings bonds were sold at financial institutions, Treasury provided newsletters for employees of those financial institutions to give them the information they needed to help their customers.

Treasury stopped issuing the newsletters in 2006.

As of October 1, 2003, the Federal Reserve Banks that are designated as Savings Bond Processing Sites (SBPS) will begin to process routine change of address and ACH transactions for Series H and HH savings bonds. The work is being moved from the Treasury's Bureau of the Public Debt.

Customers who wish to make ACH or address changes should make those requests to the SBPS that handles savings bond transactions for their part of the country. You may direct customers who are unsure of their processing site to www.treasurydirect.gov for assistance.

Address changes can be made using PD F 5257, Change of Address Notification for HH/H Accounts, which is available at the Forms section of this website. Customers may also make address changes by phone using the toll-free number of their SBPS, or by using the HH/H Internet Services.

ACH changes must be submitted in writing and can be made using PD F 5396, Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form, which is also available at the Forms section of this website, or SF 1199A.

Public Debt will continue to process change of address and ACH transactions that are deemed to be complex in nature; however, these requests will typically be forwarded by the SBPS and will not usually come directly from customers.