Fiscal Service Announces New Savings Bonds Rates, Series I to Earn 1.18%, Series EE to Earn 0.20%


May 1, 2013

Effective today, Series EE savings bonds issued May 2013 through October 2013 will earn an annual fixed rate of 0.20% and Series I savings bonds will earn a composite rate of 1.18%, a portion of which is indexed to inflation every six months. The EE bond fixed rate applies to a bond’s 20-year original maturity. Bonds of both series have an interest-bearing life of 30 years.

Rates for savings bonds are set each May 1 and November 1. Interest accrues monthly and compounds semiannually. Bonds held less than five years are subject to a three-month interest penalty

More Information
Electronic Series EE and Series I savings bonds may be bought in TreasuryDirect®, a secure, web-based system operated by Treasury since 2002. Owners of paper savings bonds can continue to redeem them at most financial institutions. Series EE and Series I Bonds that are less than 30 years old can be reissued in paper or electronic form if they are lost, stolen, or destroyed.

Series I paper savings bonds remain available for purchase using part or all of a federal income tax refund. For more information on this feature, visit

To find more information on savings bonds and which ones are still earning interest, visit our website The Savings Bond Calculator and Savings Bond Wizard® tools, which are helpful for calculating redemption values, also can be found on the site. The website provides information and instructions for opening an on-line account to buy electronic savings bonds and Treasury marketable securities: bills, notes, bonds and Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS).

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