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Contract Awarded to an Alaska Native Corporation

July 28, 2004 - In June, our Administrative Resource Center (ARC), a franchise operation, awarded a contract for engineering, administrative, information technology, and business management services to TKC Communications (TKCC), an Alaskan Native Corporation (ANC) 8(a) contractor. The maximum value of the contract is $1 billion for the contract's base period of a year and four one-year option periods. The services offered under the contract will be used to satisfy the requirements of our existing franchise customers and any other Federal entities that wish to use the contract.

Using special procurement privileges provided to the Alaskan Native Corporations by the Federal Acquisition Regulation, we entered into this contract with TKCC to establish a contract vehicle to support the efforts of Alaskan regional development, and to provide services needed by Federal agencies. The contract also helps Public Debt and its customer agencies to meet small and disadvantaged business program goals.

TKCC was established in 2000 to provide a full range of information technology and telecommunications products and services to the Federal Government. Since then it has entered into the service areas covered by its contract with us and also into other areas such as construction management. TKCC has a large base of teaming partners and subcontractors. It is privately held by NANA Development Corporation, one of the twelve Alaska Regional Corporations established by Congress under the terms of the Alaskan Native Claims Settlement Act in 1971. The NANA region is made up of 11 communities in Northwest Alaska and includes over 11,000 Inupiaq shareholders.

ARC, part of Treasury's Franchise Fund, offers other Federal agencies a wide variety of administrative services on a reimbursable basis. ARC currently serves approximately 50 client agencies.

For information on using this contract, contact ARC's Division of Procurement at 304-480-7113.

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