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Entity account managers can use this page to open entity accounts in TreasuryDirect.  Asterisks denote required fields.

Certain kinds of entities are permitted to open accounts in TreasuryDirect. An entity account must be opened by an individual (known as the entity account manager) who can legally act alone when managing the account on behalf of the entity or organization.  See Learn more about Entity Accounts for additional information on entities.

The entity account manager may submit an online application by completing:

The account registration in the Entity Name section must accurately reflect the legal instrument of authority. The Taxpayer Identification Number for the entity is required, as well as the Name Control code provided to the entity by the IRS.

If you leave the 'Give Your Account a Name' field blank, the account name will default to an abbreviated account name. You will be able to edit this personalized information at any time using the Account Info tab.

In the Entity Bank Information section, we encourage you to abbreviate or condense the Bank Name and Name(s) on the Account. Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) rules limit the amount of space we can provide.

In the Submission section you certify:

  1. You have provided the correct taxpayer identification numbers for both yourself and the Entity.
  2. The Entity is NOT subject to backup withholding.
  3. The Entity and you as the Account Manager are U.S. persons as defined by the IRS.


HELPFUL HINT: After establishing a TreasuryDirect Primary account, you may create Custom and Conversion accounts. Holdings for each Linked account are kept separately and can be accessed only through your Primary account.

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