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This page is for:

Businesses that offer payroll savings or are considering it

You can help your employees save money. If your business participates in our payroll savings plan, workers can invest in electronic savings bonds regularly through payroll direct deposit. (Paper bonds aren’t available in the payroll program anymore.)


If you would like to promote savings bonds and the payroll program to your employees, you can use these resources:


If your business participates, an employee can come to you and schedule a regular payroll allotment. At the appropriate times, your payroll office will send us the sum of money the employee chose. The money goes by direct deposit into the employee’s account in TreasuryDirect, our online system where account holders buy and manage securities.

Your payroll office will need:

  • Receiving bank name: TREASURYDIRECT (one word, all capital letters)
  • TreasuryDirect’s routing number: 051736158
  • Employee’s TreasuryDirect account number, without hyphens, followed by the letter "P" (example: A123456789P)
  • Amount the employee wants to invest

You can mark a TreasuryDirect account as either type 22 (checking) or 32 (savings).

ACH File Formats

TreasuryDirect accepts these ACH file formats:

If an employee decides to quit participating, he or she simply asks you to stop making payment to his or her account in TreasuryDirect.